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Jaunt Air Mobility Journey

Jaunt Air Mobility Journey


Jaunt Air Mobility
Dallas, Texas, USA

Jaunt Air Mobility is a transformative aerospace company based in Dallas, Texas, USA. Founded in 2019, Jaunt acquired all the Intellectual Property (IP) from Carter Aviation for its slowed-rotor and associated enabling technologies. Carter, an aviation Research & Development (R&D) company based in Texas, had been developing its slowed-rotor compound concept since 1994 and have developed several successful flying demonstrator prototype aircraft, including a Carter electric air taxi.

Jaunt designs and builds all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), addressing multiple markets. Jaunt is the world leader in Reduced rotor Operating Speed (ROSA™) aircraft, combining a fixed-winged aircraft's efficiency and advanced helicopter performance. ROSA is a suite of technologies that includes tilting mast technology for indiscriminate loading. The patented slowed-rotor technology slows the rotor once aloft, reducing drag and associated vibration, producing a lift to drag ratio up to 5x better than a helicopter.


Journey eVTOL Advantages

  • The Jaunt Journey is in development to meet the requirements specified for urban air taxi missions. The eVTOL has an all-electric powertrain.
  • The Jaunt Journey is certifiable by current FAA requirements under Part 29 without relaxed safety restrictions.
  • Jaunt's aircraft design is quiet, generating noise at a level low enough for operation in residential areas, facilitated by low disc loading and low rotor tip speeds. Analysis suggests a 20 dB reduction in sound intensity vs. conventional rotorcraft.
  • Jaunt's patented technology makes the Journey the safest AAM aircraft with the ability to land safely with normal flight control in the event of a complete power failure from any altitude at any speed by either gliding or autorotation.
  • Demonstrators have completed over 300 hours of manned flight testing with more than 1,000 takeoffs and landings successfully proving high speed performance and the patented slowed-rotor design.
  • The Jaunt Journey is also configured to carry a palletized load by removing the seats.
  • In 2020, Jaunt signed an MoU with VerdeGo Aero to explore hybrid-electric power systems for alternative and extended range missions.
  • Jaunt Air Mobility's unique risk-reduction business model incorporates Tier 1 aviation suppliers providing advanced engineering, manufacturing capabilities, and certification experience.



  • Aircraft type: All-electric VTOL slow-rotor compound passenger and cargo rotorcraft. The aircraft also has Jaunt's patented Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft (ROSA™) technology.
  • Piloting: 1 pilot
  • Capacity: 4 passengers
  • Cruise speed: 175 mph (282 km/h)
  • Range: 80 miles (129 km)
  • Maximum altitude: 6,000 ft (1,829 m)
  • Flight Time: 3 hours plus reserve
  • Noise: ~70 db
  • Propellers: 4 propellers
  • Rotorblade: 1 rotorblade
  • Electric Motors: 5 electric motors
  • Power source: Batteries
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 6,000 lb (2,722 kg)
  • Length of fuselage: 38.7 ft (11.8 m), with rotor 50 ft (15.24 m)
  • Width of wing: 50 ft (15.24 m)
  • Height: 14.85 ft (4.53 m)
  • Fuselage: Carbon fiber composite
  • Windows: Vertically longer windows for excellent visibility
  • Landing gear: Tricycle fixed landing gear
  • Safety feature: If there is a power failure, the main rotorblade can land the aircraft from any altitude and at any speed.

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