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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
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Ben Sena & Soojae Jung, inventors of JAYU, are based at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and have had a life-long interest in aviation.

Little has been written on the Jaya electric Vertical and Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft but one can see from the close-up picture that they decided on a flying wing configuration for their aircraft, its all-electric propulsion, takes off and lands vertically on the tail of the aircraft, has one set of propellers in the front of the aircraft and two sets of propellers in the rear of the aircraft. Each propeller set having two (2) coaxial propellers.

They are in the GoFly Prize competition but a GoFly July 9, 2019 article did not stated what phase or phases, they have competed in. Based in the date of the article, it's likely they were in the Phase II portion of the competition.