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Jetoptera J2000

Jetoptera J2000
Jetoptera Inc.
Edmonds, Washington, USA

"Jetoptera is an aviation startup developing powerful UAVs and realistic flying cars to revolutionize the way we transport products and people. We have developed a distributed propulsion system and novel airframe to create an aircraft that is more efficient, lighter, and less complex than previous models. This design enables a host of unique abilities, including vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), high speeds up to 200 mph, significant payloads and range, and maneuverability."

According to the company, "Our fluidic propulsion is powered by a gas generator, based on efficient and well understood gas turbines. We are not relying on batteries of the potentially distant future. And yet we are completely adaptable to such batteries should they become available."

In July 2018, Jetoptera finished propulsion tests, triggering an issuing of $1.5 million in equity. In September 2018, Jetoptera and GE Aviation announced that they were cooperating "to jointly demonstrate a 500-pound-force (lbf) class Fluidic Propulsion System leveraging a gas generator based on GE Aviation’s H-Series turboprop engine. This is the first step towards a fully customized gas generator which will lead to a Jetoptera 500 VTOL full flight demonstrator."

Jetoptera Characteristics (updated May 2018):

Range 200 miles 322 km
Cruise speed 174 kts 322 km/h
Capability VTOL and STOL
Useful load 400 lbs 181 kg
Maximum weight 2000 lbs 907 kg
Maximum altitude 15,000 ft 4.5 km

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