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KineticCo Aerospace and Advanced Technologies

KineticCo Aerospace and Advanced Technologies
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Little is known about KineticCo Aerospace and Advanced Technologies, founded by Brett Kent. KineticCo is currently making a hybrid-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft and also has plans to make an all-electric VTOL aircraft, or an eVTOL aircraft.

From the graphic of KineticCo’s hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft, we can surmise this aircraft is for urban mobility due to its size carrying two (2) passengers and having landing skids, at this point, this aircraft will only operate like a helicopter for take-off and landing. Due to this aircraft having wings, the maximum distance it will probably fly is most likely greater than a multi-copter eVTOL aircraft.

We do know by one news report that KineticCo’s VTOL aircraft is a proof-of-concept aircraft and it has been reported that this aircraft is being built in 2019 and expects to have it flying by the end of 2019.


  • Passengers: 2
  • VTOL: Tilting wing
  • Engines: 8 electric motors
  • Propulsion: 8 propellers provide VTOL mode and cruise thrust
  • Power: Hybrid-electric and all-electric in the future
  • Cruise speed: 205 mph (402 km/h)
  • Flight duration: 4 hours