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Uber Elevate Summit 2018 Videos
  • 24 May 2018 11:24 AM
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Uber Elevate Summit 2018 Videos

Uber's Second Annual Elevate Summit was held in Los Angeles, CA, May 8-9, 2018. It brought together about 1,000 of the world's foremost on-demand aviation leaders in industry, government, and academia for two full days of programming. Uber said that some 10,000 people livestreamed the event.

Videos of the individual sessions are available on the Uber Elevate Summit website, but are also linked here to preserve them for posterity.

Uber Keynote: Scaling uberAIR

Uber Elevate leadership will welcome 700+ of the world's foremost aviation leaders in industry, government, and academia to discuss our vision for how urban aviation will help cities become smarter, better, and more efficient. We’ll showcase major advancements unfolding across the urban aviation industry, exploring themes of urban mobility, technological progress across aircraft and battery systems, airspace management, operations, and product at scale. View Recording

Uber Keynote: The Dawn of eVTOL Aircraft

Learn about all of the substantial progress taken place in the past year, as eVTOL aircraft development emerged into the mainstream of aerospace and aviation activity. View Recording

Speaker: Michael Thacker, Bell - Keynote: "Bell: A New Era of Flight"

Bell announced its intent to enter the on-demand urban aviation market at the first Uber Elevate Summit in April 2017. Since then, Bell has rebranded as an aerospace leader embracing all forms of vertical lift, including passenger urban air taxis Uber expects to operate on the Elevate Network in the years ahead. Hear from Bell's EVP of Technology & Innovation, Mr. Michael Thacker, who directly oversees this division, as he talks about developments since last year's Summit and what this transformation means for their future in urban aviation. View Recording

Speaker: Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva, CEO, Embraer - Keynote: "EmbraerX - The Next Generation of Flight"

Embraer announced its partnership with Uber to develop aircraft for the Uber Elevate Network at the first Uber Elevate Summit in April 2017. Since then, the company has founded EmbraerX, a Silicon Valley based outpost that exclusively focuses on new aviation technologies, including eVTOL aircraft that will operate on Uber's Elevate Network. Hear from Embraer's CEO Mr. Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva about this new development and how it will accelerate the company's progress as it enters the urban air mobility space. View Recording

Speaker: John Langford, CEO, Aurora / Boeing - Keynote: Aurora - Leading Boeing's Charge into Electric VTOL

Aurora Flight Sciences announced its partnership with Uber to build aircraft for the Uber Elevate Network at the first Elevate Summit in April 2017. Since then, Aurora has joined forces with the great minds at Boeing through a November 2017 acquisition, accelerating progress in the on-demand aviation market. Hear from Aurora CEO Mr. John Langford about progress over the last year and Aurora/Boeing's plans as they bring VTOL aircraft to life. View Recording

Special Announcement: New Elevate partner — Karem Aircraft

Abe Karem is a pioneer in VTOL technology, with decades of experience designing flying concepts including the Predator drone and A160 Hummingbird. His newest invention - The Butterfly - represents an adaptation of optimum speed rotor technology pioneered at Karem Aviation, our newest vehicle partner in the Uber Elevate Network. Abe is joined by Karem President Ben Tigner and Uber Elevate executive leader Eric Allison for this conversation about Karem's future. View Recording (alt URL)

Fireside Chat: Lessons Learned from Aircraft Manufacturing

Scaling eVTOL manufacturing will require building composite airframes at unprecedented rates. Icon Aircraft, in 2017, has gone from from zero composite manufacturing capacity to a brand-new, 300,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, carbon fiber aircraft structures manufacturing facility less than a year and has set some ambitious manufacturing targets for 2018. Along the way, CEO Kirk Hawkins, has learned a number of lessons that will be critical for the Elevate ecosystem to scale quickly in the coming years. View Recording

Panel: Electrification Ecosystem

The electrification of fleet transportation operations is increasing demand on urban power distribution grids; learn firsthand how utilities and other leaders in the electrification ecosystem are prepared to manage these new demands as urban air mobility creates its own unique challenges. View Recording

Speaker: Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint

ChargePoint, at the first Uber Elevate Summit in April 2017, announced their partnership with Uber to build chargers for the Uber Elevate Network. Hear from ChargePoint's CEO Mr. Pasquale Romano about progress made since then as well as exciting plans for the future. View Recording

Video Speaker: Elaine Chao

Secretary Chao has been at the regulatory forefront of a wide range of mobility revolutions, including Autonomous Vehicles. Her welcome address will explore the DOT's principles for regulating and enabling aviation technology. View Recording

Keynote & Fireside Chat: Dan Elwell

Dan Elwell, Acting Administrator of the FAA. View Recording

Panel: Smart City Policymakers

Elevate's mission to help support the transformation to smart cities is a global one. Local governments from across the world are working creatively on how to use technology to improve the lives of their residents. This session will hear from some of the leading policy innovators on their current work and future visions. View Recording

Keynote: Airspace Management at Scale

Elevate plans to introduce scaled eVTOL operations in and around urban areas. The airspace will also be busy with traditional air traffic as well as other new entrants. Tom will outline our approach to managing aircraft on the Elevate network at scale and coordinating operations with other users of the airspace. View Recording

Fireside Chat: Dr. Jaiwon Shin, NASA

NASA has been critical to helping form this new urban air mobility industry, and in 2017 Uber signed its first Space Act Agreement to collaborate on UTM and airspace management. Since then, NASA has had a number of developments in the UAM space -- come hear Associate Administrator Dr. Jaiwon Shin discuss progress to date and upcoming initiatives. View Recording

Panel: Airspace Interoperability

This panel will discuss how industry and government are working together to clearly define the concepts and technologies that will allow users to safely share the airspace. View Recording

Panel: Investment Opportunities in Urban Air Mobility

Since the 2017 Elevate Summit, over $1B of private sector investment has been made in the on-demand aviation ecosystem, supporting several high profile VTOL fundraising events and aerospace M&A activity. Join this panel discussion to hear global private equity, venture capital, and institutional investors talk about investments made, additional opportunities they see, and ways they predict capital will continue flowing into this sector in the months and years ahead. View Recording

Keynote: Future of Cities

Uber is changing how people move around cities. This talk will explore the growth trends that cities are facing and the challenges of moving away from personal car ownership. It will share Uber's vision for the future of mobility and cities over the next decade, the role of Elevate, and the potential impact if we can achieve it. View Recording

Lightning Talks: Global Impact of Urban Aviation

How aviation technology and new mobility solutions will transform cities. View Recording

Panel: Elevate UAM Mission, eVTOL Requirements and Common Reference Models

Summary UAM mission requirements will be shared with objectives focused on achieving low direct operating cost and community noise, with high safety - along with the eCRM context for ensuring requirement feasibility. View Recording

Introduction: Battery & Energetics

Celina Mikolajczak, Director of Engineering, Battery Systems, Uber. View Recording

Panel: Battery Safety

Fire protection considerations for all electric urban air mobility operations. Panel will discuss relevant IFC, IBC, NFPA, ASTM, and FAA codes for Skyports, areas of concern for first responders, and testing approaches for batteries. View Recording

Introduction: Elevate Airspace Systems

This presentation will provide insight into the Elevate Airspace Systems design and core principles. It will further demonstrate concepts and technologies to scale airspace operations to the demand over time. View Recording

Panel: New Thinking and Approaches within Global Airspace Management

This panel will highlight innovative approaches and operations across the globe reflecting new thinking in airspace management that pave the way for utilizing new entrants in highly beneficial ways. View Recording

Speaker Series: Demand Modeling and Network Optimization

This session will focus on two modeling paradigms that are being used to influence the design of the Uber Elevate ecosystem with our demand and network optimization models. We will conduct a technical review of each and describe how they are being used together to make strategic decisions that influence the evolution of network design and system operations. View Recording

Speaker Series: Community Acceptance

What does an eVTOL sound like against an urban soundscape? We are investing in the development of tools to accurately measure and model the loudness of aircraft relative to existing background sounds. It's about loudness and perception -- not just sound pressure. View Recording

Speaker Series: Elevate eVTOL Tools, Techs, and Testing

eVTOL aircraft require unique analysis tools to address the challenges of tight aero-proulsion-acoustic-control coupling, along with key technology efforts to close the remaining gaps. View Recording

Speaker: eVTOL Certification Basis Through Part 23

Establishing a certification basis for eVTOL by 2020 is essential to have these aircraft on a path to product by 2023. View Recording

Panel: Design Experts - Lessons Learned the "Hard"ware-way

eVTOL experts across diverse concept approaches share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities these new aircraft provide. View Recording

Keynote: Affordability Through Operational Efficiency

An introduction to how uberAIR will deliver reliable and affordable on-demand aviation services through operational efficiencies that maximize asset utilization and provide consistently high load factors. View Recording

Speaker Series: A Simplified Cockpit Experience

New aircraft designs, advanced flight path control systems and modified cockpit interfaces, coupled with tightly controlled operations leveraging enhanced situational awareness tools will significantly reduce pilot workload -- radically simplify the the cockpit experience. View Recording

Panel: Urban Air Mobility and the Growth of Cities

This session will explore how VTOL may shape the development of cities and how the development of cities will shape VTOL. With city housing costs increasing how might VTOL enable continued access to the urban core? What will be the economic impact of new transport systems like urban air mobility? How will transportation evolve? What will be the impact on real estate, transit-oriented development, and architecture? View Recording

Panel: The Future Airport Experience

Visionary airport leaders are embracing new technologies and innovative transportation solutions to create a completely new customer experience at the airport. View Recording

Speaker: Dr. Peter H. Diamandis

Come hear Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, Founder and Executive Chairman of XPRIZE Foundation discuss the future of humanity and aviation, as well as a number of trends that make the Elevate future inevitable. View Recording

Fireside Chat: Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi

In a fireside chat with journalist and author Brad Stone, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi discusses Uber’s vision to become a technology platform encompassing all forms of transportation, including on-demand aviation. View Recording

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