NASA Ames Aeromechanics Branch Intern Group Summer 2019

March of the Interns

March of the Interns This article is a follow-up to previous reports in Vertiflite, “What to Do with an Army of Interns” (Vertiflite, Nov/Dec 2018) and “What Else to Do with an Army of Interns” (Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2019). The saga continues with the “Army of Interns” in the Aeromechanics Branch at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. By Hannah Dromiack Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2020 Summer 2019 ...
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First electric Rotorcycle completed initial ground runs 2019 - USA

Luminati Creates Vertically Integrated VTOL Development Business

Luminati Creates Vertically Integrated VTOL Development Business Daniel Preston has acquired a number of key intellectual property rights, licences and manufacturing capabilities, leveraged partnerships and cutting-edge technology, and created a rotorcraft production and development hub in upstate New York. By Kenneth I. Swartz Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2020 In May 2019, Luminati Aerospace exhibited a vintage Gyrodyne XRON-1 Rotorcycle coaxial helicopter at the VFS Forum 75 in Philadelphia ...
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HopFlyt Hops to the Future

HopFlyt Hops to the Future Maryland eVTOL Startup Combines 90-year-old Wing Design with Recent Tech Developments for an Innovative Flying Taxi. By John M. Doyle Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2020 A Maryland startup has combined a 90-year-old aircraft design that was ahead of its time with the latest breakthroughs in composite materials, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and an innovative tilt-wing configuration to develop an electric vertical takeoff and ...
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Cora has logged more than 1,000 test flights since in 2017. (All photos via Kitty Hawk.)

Cora + Boeing = Wisk

Cora + Boeing = Wisk Kitty Hawk spins off Cora and regroups. By Kenneth I. Swartz Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2020 On Dec. 1, the vertical flight community learned that the Cora two-seat, lift-plus-cruise electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) program was moving to a joint venture established by The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation called Wisk Aero. This is quite the remarkable accomplishment for the Silicon ...
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The founders of Lilium with the first prototype Sebastian Born, Patrick Nathen, Daniel Wiegand and Matthias Meiner.

Lilium Goes Its Own Way

Lilium Goes Its Own Way Vertiflite visited Lilium in Germany for an update on an eVTOL developer that stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons. By Richard Whittle Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2020 If German electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developer Lilium GmbH had a theme song, it might be the Fleetwood Mac classic, “Go Your Own Way.” More than 150 companies worldwide, ...
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The eVTOL View from Europe

The eVTOL View from Europe Some European eVTOL developers are focused on longer-range regional air mobility rather than intra-city UAM. By Richard Whittle Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2020 European views on how soon and how best electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft might create new transportation markets differ — in some cases strongly — with the vision being pushed by urban air mobility (UAM) promoters, such as ...
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vertiport vertipad helipad landing pad in city

Honeywell Goes “All In” on Urban Air Mobility

Honeywell Goes “All In” on Urban Air Mobility Perhaps more than any other major aerospace supplier, Honeywell has focused its efforts on supporting the companies developing eVTOL aircraft, providing a wide range of products to a growing list of customers. By Elan Head Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2020 On June 18, 1914, Lawrence Sperry of the Sperry Corporation performed a spectacular demonstration of his new invention, the gyroscopic ...
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VFS Propulsion & Power Presentations Posted

The Vertical Flight Society held its quadrennial Propulsion and Power Technical Meeting at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia, on Oct. 29-30, 2019. The theme of the two-day conference was “Powering the Future of Vertical Flight,” which highlighted research and development efforts — both current and planned — related to manned and unmanned rotorcraft and other vertical flight vehicles. Some 110 vertical flight propulsion ...
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NEXA Completes Landmark Urban Air Mobility Study, Focuses on Infrastructure

Groundbreaking report sets 20-year market value of $318B across eVTOL operators, vehicle manufacturers and infrastructure providers in 74 citiesBy VFS Staff In August, NEXA Advisors and VFS announced the completion of a comprehensive year-long study, “Urban Air Mobility—Economics and Global Markets.” The groundbreaking NEXA report, undertaken with support from VFS, contains forecasts for 74 metropolitan areas over the period of 2020–2040. The online databases include thousands ...
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First eVTOL Defining Challenges Workshop 10-12 September 2019, Washington, D.C., USA.

VFS eVTOL Defining Challenges Workshop

By VFS Staff Vertiflite, November/December 2019 On Sept. 10–12, the Vertical Flight Society hosted its first workshop on the defining challenges of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for urban air mobility (UAM) missions. Held at the US Navy Memorial Visitor Center in Washington, DC, this three-day meeting worked to identify the foundational elements needed to support this growing industry beyond the aircraft technology development, ...
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