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Paragon VTOL Aerospace T21 Raptor (defunct)


T21 Raptor (defunct)
Paragon VTOL Aerospace
Brownsville, Texas, USA

Paragon VTOL Aerospace was founded by oil executive Dwight Smith, a native Jamaican and American citizen, to produce Vertical-Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft for Jamaica. They have offices in Jamaica, California (USA) and Florida (USA). The slogan of the company is "Redefining the future of transportation today."

Paragon’s mission is to build a movement that incorporates technology, software and hardware globally to reduce climate change.

Paragon is partnering with Siemens, major American universities, Silicon Valley experts, ex-military personnel, Aerotropolis Jamaica, and possibly more, to successfully start their company faster with less cost and decreased risk. Their eVTOL aircraft is a futuristic design and they expect to begin testing the aircraft by the end of 2019.

Paragon’s vision is to use technology to increase the quality of life for present and future generations while reducing the carbon footprint.

The uses of their aircraft at Paragon VTOL Aerospace are not modest, they would like to enter multiple markets including making industry specific drones, air taxi service, law enforcement, cargo service, agriculture and the military. In addition to these goes, they want to also make virtual highway platforms and VTOL terminals in Jamaica to ensure everything becomes reality.

In June 2021, the company revealed a new prototype design called the Soar and can be found here. The T21 Raptor design has been retired.


  • Four (4) Passengers
  • Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)
  • Coaxial Motors
  • Electric, Hybrid-Electric and Plasma
  • Parachute Emergency System
  • Intelligent Technical Systems
  • Ultra light Seats Built For Durability

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