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PAV-X PAV-UL Ultralight (defunct)

PAV-UL Ultralight (defunct)
London, England, United Kingdom
www.pav-x.com (no longer online)

The PAV-X Company (now Esprit Aeronautics Limited) created a concept eVTOL for a one (1) passenger aircraft. The aircraft was noted as a Stage One VTOL PAV (PAV = Personal Air Vehicle) as an ultra-lightweight yet strong aircraft.

It has a very sleek design with features one might not expect from such a small one person aircraft. For example, it has an adaptable frame system allowing it to be fitted with skids, skis or floats, thus allowing a wide range of areas to be accessible to the craft. If you look at the leftmost graphic below, you can see all three types of landing gears available for this aircraft.

You can see from the graphics that there are four (4) sets of propellers, each set having two (2) propellers, one set on top of the electric motor and one set of propellers on the bottom of the electric motor. For a total of eight (8) propellers. Each propeller has two (2) props.

Note there is are small stub wings on the front of the aircraft, a high wing on top and a wing in the back, which would help increase the range of this aircraft. Notice the high wing looks like it might be a joined wing configuration possibly for added strength and flight stability.

The PAV-X Company was closed in September 2018 and a new company was established in October 2018, called Esprit Aeronautics Limited. The PAV-UL Ultralight is the base model for Esprit Aeronautics's new Lancer ePAV (ePAV = electric personal air vehicle). The Lancer ePAV and it's modifications, revisions and updates is located here. For more information on aircraft developed by PAV-X please see the PAV-X aircraft page.

PAV-X PAV-UL Ultralight Characteristics (January 2018):

  • Width: 350 cm (11.5 ft)
  • Height: 210 cm (6.9 ft)
  • Length: 330 cm (10.8 ft)
  • Dry weight: 135 kg (300 kg)
  • Flight weight: 230 kg (507 lbs)
  • Maximum take-off weight: 330 kg (728 lbs)
  • Seats 1
  • Flight computer: Triple redundant
  • Standard equipment: BRS, EFIS, transponder
  • Optional equipment: Floats, skies, FLIR sensors, cargo adapter


  • Esprit Aeronautics Limited on "eVTOL News" website
  • Esprit Aeronautics Limited (as of October 2018) took over the PAX Company and here is their website