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www.pav-x.com (no longer online)

The PAV-X Company (PAV = Personal Air Vehicle) was a small start-up which created several concept eVTOL aircraft. The PAV-X eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) is shown here.

The aircraft is a very sleek design with six (6) sets of propellers, each set containing two (2) propellers, for a total of twelve (12) propellers. Each propeller can be seen to have three (3) props. The aircraft was to be either all electric or a hybrid-electric aircraft. One can see that cockpit canopy allows a wide field of view allowing the pilot/passenger to see forward, left, right and above.

The company closed September 2018 and a new company was established in October 2018, called Esprit Aeronautics Limited. The new company, it's eVTOL aircraft and information is located here. For more information on aircraft developed by PAV-X please see the PAV-X PAV-UL Ultralight aircraft page.

PAV-X characteristics (updated January 2018):

Width 310 cm 10 ft
Height 310 cm 10 ft
Length 180 cm 6 ft
Dry weight 168 kg 370 ft
RTF weight 280 kg 617 lb
Maximum take-off weight 380 kg 838
Passenger capacity 1
Battery 15 min
Hybrid* 75 min
Flight computer Triple redundant
Standard equipment BRS, EFIS, transponder
Optional equipment Floats, FLIR sensors, spotlight


  • Esprit Aeronautics Limited on "eVTOL News" website
  • Esprit Aeronautics Limited (as of October 2018) took over the PAX Company and here is their website