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Prades [I+D] GyroPack

Prades [I+D], SL
Madrid, Spain

Prades [I+D], SL was established in September 2011 in Spain with the vision of providing clean electric aircraft to help everyone commute freely in the urban environment.

The GyroPack is a hybrid-electric vertical and/or short take-off and landing (VSTOL) ultralight aircraft. The inventor does remind us that with level of technology science provides us currently, that the most optimal power source for aircraft is a hybrid-electric power source.

The aircraft has a main ducted autorotating rotor above the aircraft for lift and has two (2) horizontal ducted fans on each of side of the aircraft for forward flight and maneuverability. It is an ultralight aircraft which does not require a pilot’s license to fly it. The GyroPack is an all-electric autogyro and therefore does not need a tail rotor and its maximum altitude is 305 meters (1,000 feet).

Prades [I+D] has been participated in Phase I, Phase II, and in Phase III of the GoFly Prize competition. Another aircraft by Prades, the GyroBike, was also active in the competition


  • Aircraft type: Hybrid-electric VSTOL aircraft
  • Pilot: 1
  • Main rotor: Autorotating main rotor for lift
  • Forward flight: 2 ducted fans
  • Maximum altitude: 305 meters (1,000 feet)
  • Power source: Hybrid-electric
  • Government airspace regulations: Complies with the European free flight regulations and its North American equivalent FAR 103 for ultralight aircraft