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Skyflow Motorcycle/Hover Bike

Skyflow Motorcycle/Hover Bike
São Paulo, Brazil

The Skyflow is an all electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) motorcycle and hover bike concept vehicle created by Leandro Ribeiro. This eVTOL aircraft and road bike would be very versatile allowing the pilot/driver and passenger to have the best of land and air travel. The inventor is seeking investors.

While not much about this concept aircraft,. we do know it is an all electric vehicle, has distributed electric propulsion, holds two (2) passengers, has an advanced instrument panel to assist with flight and there are four (2) electric fans, each located on either side of the front and rear axles which are shielded for passenger protection.

The motorcycle/hover bike can take off in multiple ways: Vertical takeoff and landing, short takeoff and landing, or conventional takeoff and landing.

According to the inventor, this is the first Brazilian aircraft in the eVTOL hover bike category.


  • Aircraft: eVTOL motorcycle and hover bike
  • Pilot/driver: 1
  • Passengers: 1
  • Front lights: 2
  • Energy source: Batteries
  • Electric motors: Most likely 5, one for each VTOL fan and one for the rear wheel
  • Road vehicle: 2 wheels and rear wheel is powered
  • Flight mode: 4 electric shrouded fans, each shrouded fan is located on each side of the axles
  • Safety features: VTOL fans are shrouded for passenger protection, advance instruments keep passengers safe during flight