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SKYLYS Aircraft AO

SKYLYS Aircraft
Dover, Delaware, USA

The SKYLYS Aircraft AO* will be a small electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft designed especially for urban mobility and making a small environmental footprint.

While many details of the AO have not been released, it has multiple electric motors (which act as a redundancy) embedded in its wings. Its maximum speed is expected to be 240 km/h with a range of 150 km. Made of carbon composite materials the AO will weigh 540 kg and can carry up to three passengers with one person in front and two people facing each other diagonally to optimize space. It will fly piloted or autonomously. The AO AQUA will be an amphibious variant that can lift-off and land in water. A cargo version will also be available.

The vehicle will be aimed primarily at Urban Mobility and will transport passengers and cargo within a city. SKYLYS believes that the model of individual vehicle ownership is coming to an end and that a sharing economy should take precedence. As such the AO could be employed as a “pay per use” model for up to three passengers, allowing for a time-sharing approach for each vehicle. SKYLYS also envisions the vehicle being used for first responders and surveillance.

An environmentally friendly vehicle and being part of a “smart city” transportation system were at the forefront of SKYLYS’s plans when designing the AO.

The AO was announced widely in December 2018. A certification campaign will begin in February 2019 along with the AO’s first flight. Pre-orders of the AO will start in June and the first deliveries could be expected by the end of 2019.

AO Characteristics (Updated December 2017):

Passengers 3
Wingspan 3.04 m ~9.97 ft
Height 1.3 m ~4.3 ft
Autonomy 45-50 minutes
Range 150 km 93 mi
Speed 160 - 240 km/h 86 - 130 kts
Empty weight (target) 540 kg 1190 lb
Power type electric/batteries
Propulsion Electric motors with electric ducted fans

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