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Swallow VTOL

Swallow VTOL
Theillay, Centre-Val de Loire, France

The Swallow VTOL is a design concept VTOL aircraft which uses ducted fans for lift and forward flight. Not much is known about the aircraft or the designer or company but we do know the designer is based in France.

The Swallow VTOL is a multipurpose all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) Air Taxi with eight (8) VTOL ducted fans for lift and uses four (4) ducted electric fans for forward flight. This is an all-electric aircraft but can be reconfigured with a hybrid-electric power source if a longer range is required.

The front wing is a high-forward swept wing design with the high booms attached to the ends of the wings. The tail assembly has an "U" type shape attached to the rear of the fuselage and the rear of the booms are attached to the ends of the rear wings. Each boom has four (4) ducted electric fans for lift, even though the below graphic has left out the ducted lifting fans. There is a possibility the the lifting fans are covered during forward flight while the aircraft takes full advantage of the wings to extend the range of the aircraft.

At the rear of each boom is one (1) attached ducted electric fan forward flight. Then on each side of the rear of the fuselage, are two (2) ducted fans for forward flight. For a total of four (4) ducted electric fans for forward flight. All of the ducted fans on the aircraft are used for maneuvering purposes as well.

The aircraft has a sleek and modern design with large windows for an better passenger experience. The aircraft holds one (1) pilot and four (4) passengers, with a 500 kg maximum weight limit. This aircraft has been designed for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and would be an aircraft which complies with Uber Elevate's design goals for VTOL UAM.


  • Aircraft: All-electric or hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft
  • Pilot: 1
  • Passengers: 4
  • Ducted electric fans for lift: 8
  • Ducted electric fans for forward flight: 4
  • Power source: All electric or hybrid-electric for if a longer range is needed
  • Front wing: High forward swept wing
  • Rear wing: "U" shaped wing
  • Windows: Large window for a spectacular views and a better passenger experience
  • Fuselage: Carbon fiber
  • Landing gear: Retractable
  • Safety features: Distributed electric propulsion (DEP), if one or two ducted lifting fans a not operating, the aircraft can still safely land. The wings and booms are above the fuselage providing additional safety for passengers and ground crew so they won't hit their heads with near the aircraft.