2 Passengers

  • Eco'Trip eVTOL concept all terrain vehicle - air, land & water capable, road and flight modes, Tunisia.


    Eco'Trip Houssem DouikProduct Designer Sousse, Tunisiabehance.net/houssemDouik

    Eco'Trip is a concept eVTOL created by Houseem Douik, for his student design graduation project, which goes towards earning his degree as an Industrial Product Designer.

    The Eco'Trip is a two (2) passenger compact, modern and...

  • KineticCo Aerospace and Advanced Technologies hybrid-electric VTOL concept, South Africa.

    KineticCo Aerospace and Advanced Technologies

    KineticCo Aerospace and Advanced TechnologiesPretoria, Gauteng, South Africawww.za.linkedin.com

    Little is known about KineticCo Aerospace and Advanced Technologies, founded by Brett Kent. KineticCo is currently making a hybrid-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft and also has plans to make an all-electric VTOL aircraft, or an eVTOL aircraft.


  • Flyter PAK VTOL 720-200, Russia.

    Flyter PAC VTOL 720-200

    PAC VTOL 720-200Flyter Moscow, Russia www.flyter.aero

    Flyter was founded by Chief Designer Yuri Solodovnikov on February 18, 2018 and has a team of a group of young aircraft designers and aviation oriented people. The company calls their aircraft a "universal aircraft" because it can take off and land as a multi-copter and fly along the route as a plane....

  • SkyDrive Cartivator top view illustration Japan.

    Toyota Cartivator SkyDrive

    SkyDriveSky Drive Inc.Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japanwww.skydrive.co.jp

    In September 2012, a group of young engineering volunteers in Japan, both automotive and aeronautical, started the idea an eVTOL aircraft for use by the general public. The team's name is Cartivator. With private individuals to large companies around the world working towards the...

  • PAL-V Personal Air and Land Vehicle Liberty Model car gyrocopter, The Netherlands 2019.

    PAL-V International Liberty

    PAL-V Liberty Pioneer and PAL-V Liberty SportPAL-V International B.V.Raamsdonksveer, North Brabant, The Netherlandswww.pal-v.com

    The initial idea for the a Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) happened when the Co-Founder John Bakker started flying in 1999. Then in 2008 the company PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) was founded by Robert Dingemanse and...

  • Hoversurf Formula eVTOL Airtaxi - May 2019.

    Hoversurf Formula (No wing)

    FormulaHoversurfMoscow, Russia / Burlingame, California, USAwww.hoversurf.com

    Hoversurf revealed on Facebook, May 8, 2019, a redesigned Formula eVTOL which holds one (1) passenger. While Hoversurf does not refer to their newly redesigned Formula as their Second Version or 2.0, we are making the distinction of (No wing) for clarity. A noticeable difference in...

  • Aufeer Design TX-0001 Autonomous Flying Taxi Concept Flying Czech Republic.

    Aufeer Design TX-0001 Flying Taxi (Concept)

    TX-0001 Aufeer DesignPrague, Czech Republicwww.aufeerdesign.com

    Aufeer Design is an innovation centre which offers initial design strategy through high quality graphics, videos, physical models and detailed technical production files, handling the entire design process in-house. Their design ability in the transportation arena includes but is not limited to...

  • AirCar eVTOL concept aircraft parked on street.


    AirCarAirCar Corp. USAwww.aircacorp.com

    The AirCar Corporation's vision is to build an autonomous eVTOL aircraft using artificial intelligence (AI) to not only fly the aircraft safely in the air and around other airborne vehicles but also to take commands from its passengers as well. The AirCar is envisioned to be a completely autonomous AI all-electric eVTOL...

  • Samad Aerospace Home & Urban Mobility eVTOL aircraft concept revealed in March 2019.

    Samad Aerospace HUMA

    HUMASamad Aerospace Ltd.Cranfield, Bedfordshire, United Kingdomwww.samadaerospace.com

    Samad Aerospace is developing what it calls a Home & Urban Mobility Aircraft (HUMA™) which has three modules, a passenger pod for two (2) passengers, a wheel base for road travel and a flight module for the eVTOL aircraft portion of this vehicle. The pod, road and air...

  • MyDraco

    MyDraco, LLC
    Kyiv, Ukrane

    MyDraco, LLC has designed the MyDraco, a vertical thrust electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle with a fixed wing for two passengers.

    The MyDraco has a fuselage with low fixed wing starting at the nose connects at its wingtips to a broad high wing/stabilizer above the rudder aft. This type of closed wing configuration is generically called a box wing or a joined...