• Beta Technologies hangar, USA.

    Beta Technologies ALIA

    ALIABeta Technologies, Inc.South Burlington, Vermont, USAwww.beta.team

    Beta Technologies, founded by entrepreneur Kyle Clark, is developing an eVTOL aircraft. The company is one of several electric VTOL companies receiving funding from Martine Rothblatt’s United Therapeutics. Their first technology demonstrator is called the “Ava XC.” (Please note: The...

  • Skyflow eVTOL motorcycle hover bike, 2019.

    Skyflow Motorcycle/Hover Bike

    Skyflow Motorcycle/Hover BikeSkyflowSão Paulo, Brazilwww.skyflow-motocicletavoadora.negocio.site

    The Skyflow is an all electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) motorcycle and hover bike concept vehicle created by Leandro Ribeiro. This eVTOL aircraft and road bike would be very versatile allowing the pilot/driver and passenger to have the best of land...

  • Sahand eVTOL air taxi concept - front view, Iran, November 2019.

    Sahand eVTOL Air Taxi

    eVTOL Air TaxiSahand Tehran, Iran

    While not much is known about the Sahand concept electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air taxi, we do know the inventor is based in Tehran, Iran. No website, social media or articles can be found about this inventor except for their Instagram web page.

    We do know...

  • EHang 116 eVTOL autonomous 1 passenger aircraft flying in China.

    EHang 116

    EHang 116EHang Holdings LimitedGuangzhou, Guangdong, Chinawww.ehang.com

    EHang was founded in December 2014 by Huazhi Hu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Derrick Yifang Xiong, Director and Chief Marketing Officer. EHang is an autonomous aerial vehicle technology platform company based in China and is pioneering the future of all-electric aerial...

  • Leap Aeronautics eVTOL plane, India, 2019.

    Leap Aeronautics

    Leap AeronauticsBangalore, Karnatak, India www.leapaero.com

    Founded in India, Leap Aeronautics is designing, testing and making an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) airplane. The company has stated their aircraft operating costs will be reduce six (6) times less than operating a helicopter. The company is focusing on safety and states that their aircraft will be...

  • Fraundorfer Aeronautics multiple power source Tensor 600X 2 seat gyrocopter technology demonstrator, Germany, 2019.

    Fraundorfer Aeronautics Tensor 600X

    Tensor 600X Technology DemonstratorFraundorfer AeronauticsDonauworth, Germanywww.fraundorfer.aero

    Company founder and CEO Chrisoph Fraundorfer has been working on an advanced gyrocopter for the last 10 years with over 20,000 thousand labor hours using modern computational fluid dynamics analysis to optimize the rotor head and airframe.

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  • Assen Aeronautics A2 Avenger eVTOL hover bike, USA.

    Assen Aerospace A2 Avenger

    A2 AvengerAssen AeronauticsMiami, Florida, USAwww.assen.aero

    Assen Aeronautics was created in 2015 by the founder Assen Andonov, who is originally from Bulgaria. He has had a love for aviation since he was a child and started gliding at age 15, parachuted at age 17 and piloted powered aircraft at age 18. At 23 he co-founded a company that designed and...

  • Lilium Eagle Prototype 2-seater eVTOL, Germany.

    Lilium Jet “Eagle” Prototype (Defunct)

    "Eagle" PrototypeLilium GmbHWessling, Germanywww.lilium.com

    Lilium GmbH is a Germany-based start-up co-founded in 2015 by four aerospace engineers and product designers — Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian Born, Patrick Nathen and Matthias Meiner — all from the Technical University of Munich (Wessling is a municipality located near Munich, Germany). Wiegand...

  • Vertical Aerospace Seraph

    SeraphVertical Aerospace Ltd.Bristol, Englandwww.vertical-aerospace.com

    On Oct. 16, 2019, the Bristol, UK-based startup, Vertical Aerospace, Ltd., announced it had built and flown the world's first "electric air taxi capable of carrying 250kg [550 lb]". The prototype, named Seraph, completed its maiden flight at Llanbedr Airfield in Wales on August 22, 2019....

  • Baykar Cezeri eVTOL graphic, 2019. Turkey.

    Baykar Cezeri

    CezeriBaykar Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkeywww.baykarsavunma.com

    Established in 1984, Baykar is a defense, aerospace and technology company which manufactures large unmanned aerial vehicles, control systems, simulators and avionics systems. Baykar made Turkey’s first indigenous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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