• HopFlyt Venturi 1/7th scale model, Dec 16, 2017

    HopFlyt Begins Scale Hover Tests

    The American company HopFlyt began hovering tests of its Venturi one-seventh scale model in its hangar in Lusby, Maryland, in December. The Venturi pairs variable incidence, tandem channel wings with eight counter-rotating propellers within the channels that can generate very high levels of static thrust and lift while reducing propeller noise. “Combining these technologies,” the company said, “with [distributed electrical propulsion] reduces...

  • HopFlyt Venturi

    Lusby, Maryland, USA

    The HopFlyt Venturi uses a canard style, variable incidence channel wing design aircraft that is electrically powered. The Venturi design can take off and land vertically and fly like a conventional aircraft during cruise. The HopFlyt mission includes reducing commuting times to increase productivity in highly congested urban areas while protecting the environment with...