• SkyDrive Tomohiro Fukuzawa president (CEO), Nobuo Kishi Chief Technology Officer, Japan, April 2020.

    SkyDrive Appoints Kishi as CTO

    In a press release dated April 4, Tokyo-based SkyDrive announced that it had hired Nobuo Kishi as its chief technology officer (CTO). Kishi — standing on the right in the photo, with company president Tomohiro Fukuzawa — previously held top positions at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, and will lead the development and certification efforts to bring the SkyDrive eVTOL aircraft to market in 2023.

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  • Scott Drennan Chief chief research and development officer at Hyundai Motor Group for UAM. Former Bell employee. March 2020.

    Hyundai UAM Hires Drennan, Cooper, Whitaker

    In March, J. Scott Drennan (shown) updated his LinkedIn profile to note that he was now the chief research and development officer at Hyundai Motor Group’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) division, after 26 years at Bell. Most of Drennan’s career was as a structural analyst, but included three years in management roles on the joint Bell-Leonardo AW609 program (2011–2014), followed by leadership roles in air vehicle integration...

  • GoFly Inspires Innovation

    GoFly Inspires Innovation

    Five years of efforts culminated in a showcase of VTOL innovation at the GoFly Prize Final Fly Off on Leap Day. VFS was “all-in” from the beginning.


  • The Bell Smart City display at Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2020, Jan 7-10, USA. (All photos by the author.)

    Urban Air Mobility Steals the Show at CES 2020

    Urban Air Mobility Steals the Show at CES 2020

    While most of the world watched CES for the latest 8K TVs, electronic gadgets and fitness equipment, aerospace and automotive companies used CES to provide a new vision of the future of personal transportation — one...

  • Dr. James Wang.

    Leadership Profile: Dr. James Wang

    Leadership Profile: Dr. James Wang

    Vertiflite, March/April 2020

    With a distinguished career in rotorcraft engineering and marketing, James Wang now teaches aircraft design and performance at Nanyang...

  • Cargo eVTOL Matures

    Cargo eVTOL Matures

    TVF 2020 covered the use of electric VTOL technology for goods as well as people.

    By Kenneth I. Swartz

    Vertiflite, March/April 2020

    The Transformative Vertical Flight 2020 event in San Jose, California, in mid-January, featured a wide range of...

  • The sold-out TVF 2020 included the 7th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium (VFS photos by Warren Liebmann except where noted)

    Transformative Vertical Flight 2020

    Transformative Vertical Flight 2020

    The world’s largest and longest-running electric VTOL meeting helps TVF 2020 set records as the Society’s biggest-ever meeting outside of the Annual Forum.

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