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  • Sabrewing Aircraft Company Rhaegal hybrid-electric VTOL, USA.

    Sabrewing Rhaelgal RG-1

    Rhaegal RG-1Sabrewing Aircraft CompanyCamarillo, California, USAwww.sabrewingaircraft.com

    Sabrewing Aircraft Company, co-founded by CEO Ed de Reyes, is developing several unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and are a new generation regional cargo-only (no passengers) hybrid-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. The company states that the...

  • Skyworks Global VertiJet gyrocopter plane turbine or hybrid-electric, USA.

    Skyworks Global VertiJet

    VertiJetSkyworks Global, Inc.Salt Lake City, Utah, USAwww.skyworks-global.com

    In 1986, Groen Brothers Aviation Inc. was founded and an acquisition of the company was started in December 2012 by Skyworks Global. On April 24, 2017, Groen Brothers was rebranded as Skyworks Global, Inc.

    The VertiJet is a...

  • Piasecki PA-890 electric compound helicopter.

    Piasecki PA-890

    PA-890Piasecki Aircraft CorporationEssington, Pennsylvania, USAwww.piasecki.com

    The Piasecki PA-890 eVTOL concept aircraft is an all-electric-powered "slowed-rotor winged compound helicopter". It is intended for use in a variety of missions including delivery of high-value On-Demand Logistics (ODL); On-Demand Mobility (ODM) personnel air transport; and...

  • Jaunt Air Mobility single-rotor compound helicopter, USA.

    Jaunt Air Mobility

    Jaunt Air Mobility LLCSewell, New Jersey, USAwww.jauntairmobility.com

    Jaunt Air Mobility is a start-up company founded in May 2018. It is currently raising capital to use slowed-rotor technology developed by Carter Aviation to take part in the Uber Elevate program for flying taxis.

    Jaunt is a single-rotor compound...

  • Forum 74 eVTOL Progress Airbus 17 May 18

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    VFS is the world's oldest and largest professional society for engineers, scientists, innovators and leaders working to advance vertical flight. The Vertical Flight Society was founded as the American Helicopter Society in 1943 by the pioneers of the helicopter industry, who believed that technological cooperation and collaboration was essential to advance vertical flight. Today, history is repeating itself...

  • Beta Technologies Ava XC

    Ava XC
    Beta Technologies, Inc.
    South Burlington, Vermont, USA

    Beta Technologies, founded by entrepreneur Kyle Clark, is developing an eVTOL aircraft; the technology demonstrator is dubbed the "Ava XC." The company is one of several electric VTOL companies receiving funding from Martine Rothblatt's United Therapeutics.

    Although eVTOL.news had reported on articles in Fall 2018, Beta truly unveiled its vehicle,...


    NFT, Inc.
    Mountain View, California, USA

    New Future Transportation, Inc. (NTF) is developing an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle that will work both as an aircraft and ground car, i.e., a drive-fly vehicle. Mountain View is NFT’s research and development center. It has a Center of Excellence based in Israel and its quality assurance and manufacturing center will be located in Japan.

    On June...

  • Volocopter VC1 In Flight

    Volocopter VC1/VC2 (defunct prototypes)

    Volocopter GmbH
    Bruschal, Germany

    Volocopter GmbH was founded in 2011 in Karlsruhe, Germany, by Alexander Zosel and Stephen Wolf with the intent of making an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) multicopter aircraft for fast and efficient urban travel. Known as “e-volo GmbH” until being renamed in July 2017, the company is now based in Bruchsal, Germany.


  • Joby Lotus Featured Image

    Joby Lotus (defunct)

    Joby Aviation
    Santa Cruz, California, USA

    Founded in 2009, Joby Aviation is a venture-backed startup aerospace company is located in Santa Cruz and San Carlos, California (USA), that is developing and will manufacture piloted all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for fast, quiet, and affordable air taxi services. As of January 2020, the company has reported they have around 400...

  • AgustaWestland Project Zero (defunct)

    Project Zero
    Cascina Costa, Italy

    Project Zero was an all-electric-powered, hybrid tilt-rotor/fan-in-wing technology incubator created by AgustaWestland. It shocked the world in 2013 when it was announced that it had been flying for years before. The Vertical Flight Society published the exclusive story on the aircraft in the May/June 2013 issue of Vertiflite