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Texas A&M University Harmony

Harmony Aeronautics
College Station, Texas, USA

In June 2018, Harmony Aeronautics was formed by Prof. Moble Benedict, eight of his graduate students, Dr. Eric Greenwood , and Dr. Vinod Lakshminarayan in a collaborative effort to design an aircraft for entry into the GoFly competition. Harmony is a high-TRL compact rotorcraft designed to minimize noise and maximize efficiency, safety, reliability, and flight experience. To date, they have no website.

The team has built and tested one third scale model of the craft, and a full scale model of the aircraft has undergone indoor and outdoor tethered flight testing. Notably, the aircraft has a noise signature of only 73 dBA at 50 ft (15.2 m), due in part to the design of the aircraft's large rotors with swept blade tips

The team successfully submitted their Vertical Take-Off and Landing rotorcraft to the GoFly Prize competition, where it was chosen as a winner in both of the first two phases. While a crash rendered the full scale model unable to fly at the GoFly Final Fly Off for the Pratt & Whitney Disrupter Prize, the team was able to fly a scale model of the aircraft.

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