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Transcend Air Vy 400

Vy 400
Transcend Air
Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA

The Transcend Air Vy 400 is a tilt-wing Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft that is designed for efficient city-to-city transportation.

The Vy 400 has fully tilting wings with props powered by a P&WC PT6 -67F turboshaft 1,300 kW  engine. It also employs a collective and a 30 kW electric pusher prop at its tail fan for fly-by-wire envelope protection. It uses Geofencing plus sensors to avoid obstacles. It has a speed 650 km/h and a range of up to 725 km. Its payload is 1,000 kg. It includes whole airframe parachute. The Vy will carry one pilot and five passengers. Units are expected to run $3.5 million dollars.

In November 2018 Transcend Air selected VerdeGo Aero to provide hybrid electric propulsion systems for an expanding family of Vy aircraft after the turbine Vy 400 has matured.

The company plans to establish a short-haul air service between barges in 46 cities including Boston - New York - Washington D.C., San Francisco - Los Angeles – San Diego or Montreal – Toronto.

In September 2018 two electric-powered, one-fifth-scale prototypes began flight test to evaluate vertical and forward flight transition. These will be followed by a half-scale prototype powered by a smaller PT6A engine to demonstrate the drive train. As of January 2019, assuming a successful Series A round funding round, first flight of a full-scale manned prototype is expected in 2021. Certification is expected in late 2023.

The Vy 400 is based on a long line of flying VTOL prototypes, including the 900kg manned Elytron Converticopter.


Empty 4,800 lbs

MTOW 6,990 lbs

Useful load 2,200 lbs

Max fuel 960 lbs


Pilot 1 @ 200 lbs

Passengers 4/5 @ 200 lbs each

Baggage 4/5 @ 50 lbs each


Predicted Range 300 to 450 square miles


Max ROC 4,500 fpm

Max ROD 4,000 fpm

Cruise 405 mph

Hover 40 mph


P&WC PT6A-67F 1,700 shp

Yasa 750 40 hp


Max operating 15,000'

Max at 100°F 5,000'

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