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Uber eCRM

electric Common Reference Model (eCRM)

Uber Technologies, Inc.

San Francisco, California


Uber is not developing an eVTOL aircraft. It is supporting the development of the Uber Elevate ecosystem to enable urban air mobility (UAM) operations. However, Uber has now released into the public domain several Common Reference Models of concepts that appear they could meet future UberAir requirements.

eCRM-001 was announced in November 2017, and highlighted at the AHS | Vertical Flight Society "Transformative Vertical Flight Workshop" in Jan. 2018. eCRM-002 was also revealed here.

eCRM-003 was unveiled at the 2nd Uber Elevate Summit on May 8, 2018.

Uber eCRM-001

Uber CRM-001 & 002

Uber eCRM-003