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Vinati F-Helix

Vinati S.r.l.
Nave, Italy

F-Helix the creation of Mr. Vinati to make an safe and reliable all electric helicopter. Mr. Vinati on the F-Helix website says that the F-Helix electric helicopter concept is the evolution of Silvercraft SH4 helicopter, an Italian helicopter, and had purchased the Silvercraft helicopter manufacturing company in 1990.

The F-Helix is a 1-6 seat two-bladed fly-by-wire electric helicopter concept with a maximum take-off weight of 1,900 lbs (862 kg) with far fewer moving parts than a gas-powered helicopter. The power mast has two (2) sets of co-axial counter-rotating rotorblades and four (4) eFans. By mounting electric propellers directly on the main rotor leads, there is no torque between the main rotorblades and the fuselage.

The all-electric power mast eliminates the need for a fuel engine, transmission, tail rotor, fuel tank, fuel, long tail beam, rear rotorblade, shaft to power the rear rotorblade, oil pump, fuel pump, lubrication system and hydraulics. Using electric motors and a battery pack to power the helicopter saves around 1,000 lbs allows a longer flight duration, more load capacity and simplifies the aircraft creating a safer helicopter.

On the stub-tail of the helicopter there are two (2) yaw eFans. These two (2) electric fans are used to provide control and directional stability around the yaw axis. F-Helix plans to have an app for air traffic control, navigation, and alerts ground hazards and collisions from other air traffic.

The F-Helix electric helicopter would be used for civil aviation, airtaxi, agriculture, search and rescue, surveillance, external cargo, internal cargo and personal air transportation. As of June 2019, we are not aware of any sub-scale or full-scale prototypes that have been made.

The gains for an electric helicopter are an eco-friendly rotorcraft, low purchase cost, low operating cost, low noise, fewer parts, safer and more reliable.