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Vision VTOL

Vision VTOL
The Waters Trust

The Waters Trust Vision VTOL is a tiltrotor electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) prototype quadcopter.

Vision’s use a sailplane fuselage and cockpit design for aerodynamics. It has no control surfaces. It has eight electric motors, four to turn fore and aft sets of propellers and four to tilt the rotor ducts from accent and decent mode to flight mode. It will employ up-scaled Piezo Electric Gyroscopes for additional stability. Construction will use a Moldless Composite Aircraft System (MCAS) offering advantages over aluminum or composite manufacturing to allow structures to be lighter, stronger and built quickly.

While the prototype is set for a single pilot the design is intended to be scalable and can be expanded for four and six passenger configurations.

The Vision team recognizes that at only four times current Lithium polymer battery density the vehicle could have a four hour range. They are working to increase batteries with 30 times current density and storage life expectancy. This would permit a transcontinental range at high speeds.