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Voyzon Aerospace e-VOTO

Voyzon Aerospace
Bangalore, India

The Voyzon Aerospace E-VOTO is an all-electric vectored thrust Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle.

The E-VOTO has eight tilting propellers using a distributed electric propulsion system. Its fixed overhead gull wings make it 8 m wide and 4 m long. Its gross weight without passengers is 500 kg. It includes a parachute and airbags. The vehicle can be flown autonomously or semi-autonomously. It carries two passengers but a 16 prop version will be able to carry four passengers. Maximum cruising speed is 300 km/h and flight time on a single charge is 60 minutes.

Voyzon Aerospace has also proposed an elevator lift system that would reduce the VTOL aspect of the e-Voto’s flight for a faster cruise mode transition.