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Vickers WAVE eVTOL

Vickers Aircraft Company
Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand|

"Vickers Aircraft Company (New Zealand) is excited to introduce the long-term vision of our journey, the WAVE™ eVTOL.

WAVE™ eVTOL is a four-seat, semi-autonomous hybrid and will harvest 80% of our WAVE™ Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) model’s DNA.  This positions us well down the road of developing shared technology, components and tooling, R&D, materials, manufacturing processes, techniques and facilities, that we have been refining over the years for the LSA.

As with our LSA, this eVTOL will be sustainable, manufacturable, cost-effective and safe.

Developing an eVTOL with amphibious capabilities opens possibilities not yet explored in this space, and with the New Zealand Government leading the world from a regulation standpoint, New Zealand is on track to be the first country to allow approved manned eVTOL passenger flights.

Vickers Aircraft Company continues to work closely with the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ) throughout the development of the WAVE™ LSA and eVTOL aircraft variants.  CAANZ remains a pragmatic yet safety-focused regulatory authority and a key enabler for the New Zealand Government future transport objectives."