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Zuri SE
Prague, Czech Republic

In 2017, Czech entrepreneur Michal Illich began his start-up company and conceptualized an aircraft with wings using VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) technology for take off and landing and a propellor for forward flight. As of April 2019, they are currently looking for funding and are hiring employees.

Zuri is a VTOL airplane. Zuri has eight electric motor with big rotors. Having less rotors would be dangerous, having more would reduce efficiency. Wings allow us much faster and cheaper flight compared to copters. The upward lift on the wings means we can switch the VTOL system off during the horizontal flight. A single engine for the horizontal flight brings high efficiency and low energetic demands.

All flight phases are controller by autopilot. During vertical flight, the on-board computer controls stabilization. Its reaction speed trumps that of a human by orders of magnitude. The autopilot ensures smooth movement and compensates for the force of the wind blowing. Horizontal flight is controlled by a fly-by-wire system, similar to what's used in other modern airplanes. Zuri is not a helicopter, flying car or a common airplane.

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Specifications up to this point include carrying four (4) passengers, able to travel a range of 700 km (435 miles) in less than three (3) hours, maximum cruise altitude 3,700 m (over 12,000 ft), a hybrid-electric VTOL with eight (8) electric motors for take off and landing and with one turboprop for forward flight.

They have received investments from several companies to hire more people and to development a working test-bed with a wingspan of approximately 11 m (36 ft) and a weight of 900 kg (about 2000 lbs).

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