chAIR Multicopter in flight

chAIR Multicopter

This multicopter was designed by Axel Borg from parts he got from Hobby King. The design features a central seat surrounded by four circular rotor-mounts. The estimated flight time is 14 minutes, but the maximum attempted time is 11 minutes. The estimated build cost was $10,000.


  • Control Board: KK 2.1 Multi-Rotor Control Board
  • Motors: Multistar Elite 5010-274KV Multi-Rotor Motor
  • ESC: 76x afro 20A HV, with one extra 63V 330uF low ESR capacitor, fitted to each ESC to handle the long current path from the battery to ESC.
  • Batteries: 80x Multistar 4S 5.2Ah
  • Controller: RC 5x Turnigy TGY-i6S Digital Proportional Radio Control System
chAIR Multicopter in flight
chAIR Multicopter in flight
chAIR Multicopter in field
chAIR Multicopter in field



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