Digi Robotics
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Digi Robotics’ DroFire was developed specifically for high-rise fire-fighting. It features 6 VTOL propellers which rotate into a traditional position for high-speed forward flight. The top speed is expected to be up to 250 km per hour. It has a payload of 600 liters of foam and a 2.5 hour flight time. It’s estimated it will be in service as early as 2020.

“As well as fighting fires, they will be able to detect improperly stored chemicals using thermal technology, helping to reduce the chances of warehouse and factory fires.”

DroFire Characteristics (updated November 2017)

Maximum flight time 2.5 hours
Maximum top speed 250 km/h 110 kt
Foam payload 600 liters 158.5 US gal
Props 6



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