Kármán Inc.
Scotts Valley, California, USA

Kármán anticipates travel in short to medium distances to be dominated by dispatchable VTOL vehicles operating in virtual lanes.

The XK-1 is a high-performance flexible design, scalable for two to eight passengers. It features six electric lift rotors and two electric propulsion propellers.

“Engineering and fabrication of the XK-1 full-scale passenger transport vehicle is in rapid progress, with alpha testing planned for fall, 2018.”

Kármán XK-1 Characteristics (updated April 2018)

Passenger/cargo weight 200 kg 440 lb
Passengers 2-8 (scalable design)
Dry weight 450 kg 990 lb
Maximum operating speed 450 kmph 240 kts
Maximum operating altitude 2,500 meters 1.5 miles
Number of lift rotors 6
Rotor power 30 kw 40 hp
Number of propulsion propellers 2
Propeller power 30 kw 40 hp
Operation fly-by-wire
Battery li-polymer advanced cell



KármánWingless (Multicopter)Initial Design2 Passengers7+ PassengersElectric/Batteries, Piloted