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Concept Aircraft Aircycle


Concept Aircraft LLC
Edmond, Oklahoma, USA

Anthony Windisch formed Concept Aircraft for the purpose of competing in the GoFly competition and proving the value of his unique approach to personal aircraft design. His team operates under the name "Phattony's Rock & Roll Flying Motorcycle Circus," in reference to a moniker used by Windisch.

The Aircycle was designed by Windisch and his team for participation in GoFly. Windisch describes the aircraft in the following terms:

“Sleek canard-delta wing light aircraft with VTOL capabilities. It is powered by a hybrid electric engine coupled to our patented Hover-Jet Vectored Thrust Compressor (VTC) and is EPA compliant. The VTC has dual inline multi-stage tandem fans in a thrust vectoring duct. A 34-hp [25- kW] Predator 670cc gas engine provides 45N [10,100 lb] at 3,600 rpm and is connected to the VTC and a generator by a transmission.”

“The duct directs the thrust generated by the fans to four exhaust nozzles. The nozzles can be rotated. This unique configuration provides for operations of vertical lift and horizontal propulsion using a customized Navio/Raspberry Pi flight computer and integrated electric in flight and hover control subsystems.”

— Anthony Windisch, GoFly Teams Prepare to Fly Again, Vertiflite, Nov/Dec 2020

The aircraft has been registered under the N number N423YK. The team participated in the GoFly Final Fly Off with a static display. The next major development goal for Windisch's team is to design and fly a viable prototype of the aircraft.


  • Aircraft type: Hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft
  • Pilot: 1 pilot
  • Flight control: Navio/Raspberry Pi flight computer
  • Power source: 34-hp [25- kW] Predator 670cc hybrid electric engine
  • Length: 14 ft (4.2 m)
  • Width: 9 ft (2.7 m)
  • Height: 6 ft (1.8 m)
  • Weight: 253 lb (115 kg)
  • Cockpit: Open cockpit
  • Fuselage: Metal opened framed fuselage
  • Tail: T-tail
  • Landing gear: Fixed wheeled quadricycle landing gear