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Digi Robotics DroFire (Drone - UAD M470)

DroFire (Drone – UAD M470)
Digi Robotics
Dubai Production City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Digi Robotics Drone – UAD M470 is a six motor, tilt propeller, Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) autonomous vehicle designed for multiple manned and unmanned uses.

The UAD M470 has a composite 6.8 m fuselage and 8.7 m fixed wingspan. Using a lithium polymer battery it uses six tilting 58 kW electric engines with tractor props, four on the wings and two on the tips of upward V-configuration stabilizers. A down-pointing rudder also acts as a rear landing-gear. With a cruise speed of 175 km/h (top speed is 215 km/h) it has a range of 500 km and ceiling of 6,000 m it can fly for 152 minutes or hover for 95 minutes. While it can be passenger or remotely piloted it can fly autonomously. In case of malfunction it has a return-to-home feature and a parachute. It has a 177 kg payload.

The vehicle can be utilized as a two person taxi, for reconnaissance, as an emergency responder, for search and rescue, or for cargo.

Digi Robotics expects the UAD M470 to enter service as early as 2020.

The DroFire version of the vehicle will be used specifically for high rise fires. It will have a variety of sensors to locate improperly stored chemicals, heat sources and provide fire fighters with live imagery. It can even be used to deliver up to 600 liters of fire-fighting foam onto a target.

Digi Robotics is also developing the Droxi, an unmanned electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) drone.

DroFire Characteristics (updated November 2017):

Maximum flight time 2.5 hours
Maximum top speed 250 km/h 110 kt
Foam payload 600 liters 158.5 US gal
Props 6


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