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DragonAir Airboard 1

Airboard 1
Panama City Beach, Florida, USA

DragonAir’s Airboard 1 is a one person electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) hoverbike that is part of the GoFly competition. The team includes Jeff Elkins who is the creator and designer, and began working on his eVTOL aircraft in 2015. Mariah Cain is the co-designer, pilot and project manager. Ray Brandes is the design specialist and is also an an engineer and machinist. To date, they have no website.

Airboard 1 has eight sets of vertical tractor and pusher propellers in an open number sign (#) configuration. There are eight long landing skis. The pilot stands and has two large “ski pole” controls. There is no cockpit yet, and the aircraft is very easy to fly. Several videos online confirm that there have been multiple manned test flights and some of the flights have reached a height of several hundred feet for approximately one minute.

The GoFly Prize challenge was issued in September 2017; however, the DragonAir team only learned about the prize in April 2018. Even though they missed the Phase I submissions deadline, the team applied for and were admitted into Phase II competition on March 26, 2019. On March 26, 2019 GoFly Prize announced that DragonAir completed Phase II of the GoFly challenge and will receive $50,000.00 USD in prizes.

Details of the Airboard 2 can be found here. By early June, 2019, work on Airboard 3 was already underway.

The team has stated that their DragonAir eVTOL aircraft will most likely be sold first to people as a personal flyer for recreational use and they also feel the uses of their aircraft can easily expand into the agriculture industry and search and rescue operations and possibly more.