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Gizio EJ11 ElectroJet (concept aircraft)

EJ11 ElectroJet

The EJ11 ElectroJet concept hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft is the creation of Gino d'Ignazio. Gino is a former helicopter pilot and designs his VTOL concept aircraft partially based on his helicopter pilot experience and experience in aviation, in general. He does not specify where he lives on his "Contact" web page but we are almost certain he lives in Italy.

This concept aircraft is a fly-by-wire aircraft with four (4) sets of ducted rotors, each set containing two (2) electric engines powering each set of propellers, for a total of eight (8) electric engines. The ducted rotors sit on top of the fuselage connected to a central beam. The rotors can fold down for easy storage. A turbine engine powers the entire aircraft's electrical systems with several sets of batteries, including an emergency battery backup if the turbine engine fails, for a 10 minute power supply to land the aircraft safely.

The cockpit has excellent visibility for the pilot because it has a Plexiglas dome allowing the pilot to see everything on the left, forward and to the right. The clear dome is also the entry and exit way for the cockpit. The instruments would have touch-screen and voice activated functionality. The glass instruments allow the pilot to see the screens even if sunlight is shinning directly on the glass instruments. The collective is a small joy stick at the end of the left arm rest. The cyclic is a small joy stick at the end of the right arm rest. There are two pedals on the floor which serve the same purpose as in a helicopter.

The vision for this aircraft is for piloted flight or with the option for a full autonomous option, from take-off to landing at its final destination. There is also a survival mode envisioned for this aircraft with the ability to correct for any pilot errors, meaning if a pilot is flying haphazardly or is trying to do a loop de loop, the aircraft will not allow this, so a crash will not occur.

The fuselage is made of carbon and composite materials. The fuselage houses the turbine engine, batteries and other electrical equipment. The ducted rotors can also fold down against the fuselage for ease of storage. Due to technological advances through the years, including the advances in small drones, the designer feels that all of the components to make this aircraft operational will fit inside the small fuselage.

To learn how Gino started to develop hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft concepts, please see his DDRH and DDVL web page on eVTOL News here. Note: To the best of our knowledge, scale or full-sized test beds or prototypes have never been created for this aircraft.

Gizio has also been involved in the development of the CellCraft G150CellCraft G450DDRH/DDVL, and EJ420 ElectroJet.