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ManDrone (defunct)

Voorthuizen, Netherlands
www.onemandrone.com/ (webpage defunct)

ManDrone is an eight-rotor multicopter that is capable of carrying one passenger. It was created by Winfried Rijssenbeek, and is based on his earlier Humming Man Project.

A scaled prototype is currently being tested, which allows for a 100 kg (220.46 lb) payload. The company aims to have a full-scale prototype working soon, in order to complete manned flight tests. Additionally, the aircraft has eight motors in four groups to ensure that if two motors fail, the aircraft can still fly. Just in case of emergency, a ballistic parachute is also onboard the vehicle.

The ManDrone is not autonomous, but its fly-by-wire control system is assisted by automatic control adjustment. The ManDrone can serve as a commuter vehicle, an agriculture drone, a firefighting drone, a search and rescue drone, or a supply drone.

Proposed Specifications:

Passengers 1

3 m

9.84 ft


2.5 m

8.2 ft

Maximum Lift

300 kg

661.39 lbs