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MyDraco, LLC
Kyiv, Ukrane

MyDraco, LLC has designed the MyDraco, a vertical thrust electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle with a fixed wing for two passengers.

The MyDraco has a fuselage with low fixed wing starting at the nose connects at its wingtips to a broad high wing/stabilizer above the rudder aft. This type of closed wing configuration is generically called a box wing or a joined wing. MyDraco states that their wing configuration reduces induced drag (over 20%), increases the overall stiffness of the structure and reduces losses in balancing. Having multiple independent motors increases the reliability of the aircraft in case of the failure of a motor.

Each wing and stabilizer has a pair of rotating electric ducted fans, for a total of eight. The vehicle holds two passengers, flying in a tandem configuration. Note that on the forward wing, the ducted fans are positioned behind the wing, whereas on the rear wring, the ducted fans are located in front of the wing.

Per the Closed Wing Wikipedia page, "A closed wing avoids the need for wingtips (or wing tip devices) and thus might be expected to reduce wingtip drag effects" and "offer structural advantages over a conventional cantilever monoplane." Picking information from several online articles, box wings apparently can help the aircraft to be more tolerant of maneuvering errors, allow for larger payloads and extend flight time.

Additional information about this aircraft is taken from their Start-Up Funding web page:

  • 1-2 passengers
  • Flight radius of 300 km
  • 8 independent electric engines
  • Wingspan is 6 meters and the length is 4 meters
  • The aircraft is environmentally friendly due to electric engines, no CO2 output.
  • Estimated flight cost: 5 cents for 1 km
  • Estimated cost of aircraft: $70,000 per unit (possibly in Euros)

No additional information is available on this aircraft, which is still in the conceptual stage and seeking funding.