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Sahand eVTOL Air Taxi

eVTOL Air Taxi
Tehran, Iran

While not much is known about the Sahand concept electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air taxi, we do know the inventor is based in Tehran, Iran. No website, social media or articles can be found about this inventor except for their Instagram web page.

We do know the aircraft is slated to be an all-electric aircraft, used for urban air taxi service and the aircraft capitalizes on wings to further the distance the aircraft can fly on one (1) battery charge.

On the front wings, the propellers are attached to the tip of each wing at the center of the chord area. On the rear wing, the propellers are attached underneath the wing, close to the fuselage and the propellers are placed behind the rear wing. The fuselage has a sleek modern design which might hold 1-4 people but the capacity of the aircraft at this time, is unknown.

If the inventor sees this web page, they are more than welcome to contact the Vertical Flight Society (based in the USA) and provide us with more information about their eVTOL concept aircraft.


  • Aircraft type: eVTOL
  • Windows: Large windows for good views for a better passenger experience.
  • Propellers: 4
  • Forward flight propeller: Pusher propeller
  • Wing: Canard type wing with 1 flap on each forward wing and 2 flaps on each rear wing, for a total of 6 flaps for the entire aircraft
  • Landing gear: Skid
  • Safety features: Shrouded propellers to protect passengers and the propellers from any type of collision at a landing pad.


Sahand eVTOL Air Taxi Instagram