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Scoop Pegasus 1

Pegasus 1
United States of America

Alex Smolen is the founder and engineering lead of Scoop Aerospace, a developer of eVTOL aircraft based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Scoop Aero is the developer of the Pegasus 1, an eVTOL aircraft that competed in the first two phases of the GoFly competition.

The Pegasus 1 is a Y6 tilt-rotor consisting of two forward and one aft diaxial propellers, small wings, and a hybrid powertrain with a cruise speed of 130 km/h. On June 14, 2018, it was selected as a Phase 1 winner of the GoFly competition.

An augmented Pegasus also competed in Phase 2 of the competition, participating with the additional modification of a canard wing at the front of the craft. While the Pegasus did not compete in the third phase of the competition, Smolen has continued designing another eVTOL aircraft with large wings and the capacity to carry multiple passengers.