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Sky-Hopper (demonstrator)


Sky-Hopper (demonstrator)
Helioo, Netherlands

The Sky-Hopper company has a small team of enthusiastic inventors based in the Helioo, the Netherlands. The company's goal is to design and manufacturer electric vertical takeoff and landing passenger aircraft for advanced air mobility.

The Sky-Hopper demonstrator is a one person eVTOL multicopter that has 16 propellers and 16 electric motors. The pilot sits in the middle of the aircraft in an open-framed cockpit and uses a remote control transmitter fly the aircraft. The airframe is made of lightweight aluminum and has fixed skid landing gear. The next version of the Sky-Hopper will be redesigned and have an enclosed fuselage for aerodynamics so the passenger will have a more comfortable flight.


  • Aircraft type: eVTOL passenger multicopter demonstrator
  • Piloting: 1 pilot
  • Propellers: 16 propellers
  • Electric motors: 16 electric motors
  • Power source: Batteries
  • Fuselage: Lightweight aluminum
  • Cockpit: Open cockpit
  • Landing gear: Fixed skid landing gear
  • Safety features: Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP), provides safety through redundancy for its passengers and/or cargo. DEP means having multiple propellers (or ducted fans) and motors on the aircraft so if one or more propellers (ducted fans) or motors fail, the other working propellers (or ducted fans) and motors can safely land the aircraft. There are also redundancies of critical components in the sub-systems of the aircraft.