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Volant Aerotech VT-25

Volant VT-25 in flight


Volant Aerotech
Shanghai, China

Volant Aerotech is a Chinese eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) development startup based in Shanghai. The company was founded in March 2021 by engineer Ming Dong. They are currently developing the VT-25, a five seater, ten propeller eVTOL that uses eight propellers for lift and two tail mounted propellers for cruise. The company was reported to have flown a 1/3 scale model of the VT-25 in September 2021. Volant was also present at the 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held on September 21st, 2021.

In June 2022, Volant announced that it had closed a pre-Series A financing agreement with a "one hundred millions RMB" investment, approximately $15M, according to journalist Xin Gou.


  • Aircraft type: Passenger eVTOL
  • Capacity: 5 passengers
  • Electric motors: 10