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Volerian (Test Rig)


Volarian (Test Rig)

Volarian is a new concept vectored thrust Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft using multiple ducts with internal flapping wings.

There are several configurations using the Volarian concept at this time. Each consists or a series of specially shaped ducts extending beyond the fuselage. Within each duct are one of two flapping wings driven by cams on a rotating shaft that can lift the vehicle or propel it in its cruise mode. A stator wing is located downstream from the main duct assembly to increase efficiency. The flapping action of each internal duct wing creates a stream of thrust producing vortices known as a reverse Kármán vortex street. Should the Volarian system lose power the fluttering of the wings, caused by air flowing up through the ducts, will create drag and act like a parachute. The system can be constructed from composite materials using a straight forward pultrusion methods reducing manufacturing costs.

Volarian predicts the first aircraft will be introduced in about five years. It has not been announced if it will be electric, electric-hybrid or gas powered.

The company is also planning on a modular factory design which could be delivered to multiple production partners.