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Xeriant Halo

Halo in flight


Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Founded in 2019, Xeriant, Inc. is a holding company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing revolutionary, eco-friendly technologies with applications in aerospace including electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for on-demand Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Graphic credit: Xeriant

Halo is a two passenger eVTOL concept design aircraft using one large ducted fan system with contra-rotating propellers, the entire ducted fan system rotates on a central axis around the passenger pod. The housing of the ducted fan is called by the company, a ring wing. When the ring wing is in the horizontal position, the aircraft is ready for VTOL flight. As the aircraft lifts into the air, the ducted fan rotates forward as it transitions to forward flight. The ducted fan will be in a vertical position with respect to the passenger pod, during forward flight. The company has several U.S. patents for the Halo concept design.

The passenger pod is spherical and has glass around the entire pod with the exception of its airframe, providing 360 degree visibility for all passengers. The company has revealed this aircraft design has significant room for design flexibility including scalability, alternative propulsion systems, alternative control systems and can be used as a multi-purpose platform. For example, the aircraft can be used for any type of civilian or military use such as passenger or cargo transportation and from small drone to heavy-lift missions.

Xeriant plans to first introduce the Halo platform as a small to medium-sized high-performance drone, which is primarily intended for commercial applications such as surveillance and imagery. The company expects the drone will compete favorably with other eVTOL drone aircraft in terms of speed, acoustics, payload, maneuverability, efficiency, duration and safety. Xeriant will then release the Halo eVTOL passenger aircraft making personal air travel far more affordable and safe for Urban Air Mobility.


  • Aircraft type: eVTOL or hybrid-electric scalable passenger aircraft and drone
  • Piloting: Autonomous using artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Capacity: 4 passengers
  • Cruise speed: Unknown
  • Range: Unknown
  • Flight Time: Unknown
  • Propellers: Multiple propellers inside ring wing
  • Electric Motors: Unknown
  • Power source: eVTOL or hybrid-electric
  • Fuselage: Carbon fiber composite
  • Windows: Panoramic windows with a wrap around window design allowing forward, left, right and top visibility, for spectacular views
  • Wing: Ring wing
  • Landing gear: Lands on the rear of its ring wing

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