NFT Inc.
Mountain View, California, USA

New Future Transportation, Inc. (NTF) is developing an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle that will work both as a flier and ground car.

The NTF has recently moved out of ‘stealth mode’ and is only showing its prototype designs to interested investors and partners. The vehicle will initially be a gas/electric hybrid and ultimately all electric. It will be fully autonomous in flight. Its airborne range is expected to be 500 km. In its ground configuration its driving range will be 100 km. Its goal is to fly to near its final location and then drive the last mile. It will fit in a standard automobile parking space. The vehicle will be zero-emission. Two and four passenger models will be available. The price tag is projected at being $50,000.

The prototype will showcase the aerodynamics and autonomic systems of the vehicle in 2019. Mass production will occur in the 2021-2022 time frame.

Mountain View is NTF’s research and development center. It has a Center of Excellence based in Israel and its quality assurance and manufacturing center will be located in Japan.

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