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ASKA™ 2.0 (concept design)

ASKA 2.0 Prototype Design


ASKA™ 2.0 (concept design)
Los Altos, California, USA

Founded in 2018, ASKA™  is developing a hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle that will work both as an aircraft and ground car, that is, a drive-fly vehicle. The company is headquartered in Los Altos, California, USA, and opened the world’s first flying car showroom in Los Altos on April 15, 2021 to launch pre-orders of the ASKA™ roadable aircraft. On June 7, 2019, ASKA™ unveiled its ASKA™ 1.0 concept design and provided the Vertical Flight Society with an interview and details on its vehicle. ASKA™ means 'flying bird' in Japanese, and the company said "it’s the first viable eVTOL vehicle that can both drive on the road and fly autonomously in the sky."

The company foresees door-to-door same road-and-air vehicle as the best method for the emerging advanced air mobility (AAM) industry. A big advantage for this vehicle is there is no need to travel to airports and there will be no need to pay for on-demand ground taxi service. The passenger's entire trip will be in one vehicle. The company will eventually transition the aircraft to be an all electric aircraft when battery technology has enough energy density to fly long distances and are completely safe to use for air travel.

ASKA™ 2.0 concept design
At the time, the ASKA™ 2.0 was called their prototype design on the company's website but the type of aircraft has been changed to a concept design. The flying car appears to have four seats, has one main high wing, two tilting electric ducted fans (EDFs) for lift and cruise thrust, has a large central fuselage electric ducted fan for VTOL flight and has one rear electric ducted fan for VTOL flight and four wheels for ground travel. The aircraft has panoramic windows with a wrap around window design allowing forward, left, right and top visibility, for spectacular views for the pilot and passengers.

The ASKA™ drive-and-fly eVTOL enables people to live within 100-150 miles (160-240 km) outside a major city and easily commute to an urban center in less than one hour, door-to-door. The size of a SUV in drive mode, the ASKA™ can be parked in a home garage, drive way, parking space or on the street. The aircraft can use existing charging solutions.


  • Aircraft type: Hybrid-electric VTOL and road capable vehicle concept design
  • Piloting: Autonomous
  • Capacity: 4 passengers
  • Cruise speed: Unknown
  • Propellers: 4 electric ducted fans (EDFs)
  • Electric Motors: 4 electric motors for the ducted fans and 4 electric motors for ground travel
  • Power source: Hybrid-electric power source
  • Fuselage: Carbon fiber composite
  • Windows: Panoramic windows with a wrap around window design allowing forward, left, right and top visibility, for spectacular views
  • Wings: One main high wing
  • Landing gear: 4 automobile wheels

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