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EXA Air Car

Air Car
Orléans, France

This new concept aircraft was created by Jonas Popelin located in Orléans, France. Not much is known about the company and the four (4) seat vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft except it is both a VTOL aircraft and submarine.

The vehicles uses eight (8) electric fans for VTOL flight but we are not sure if it has an internal combustion engine or batteries powering the electric fans. The rear of the aircraft possibly has mini-fans for directional control in the air and for underwater. This vehicle apparently planned to be a submarine and not a submersible. A submersible is an underwater vehicle supported by a surface vessel or another source, such as a submarine, oil rig or land facility.

No mention has been made to the applications of the aircraft/submarine. However, one can guess the aircraft could be used as a shared aerial vehicle, personal air vehicle, underwater exploration vehicle and for tourism.


  • Aircraft type: VTOL aircraft and submarine
  • Passengers: 4
  • VTOL lift: 8 electric fans