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Flexcraft VERA II

Flexcraft VERA II (VERA = VTOL Electric Reconfigurable Aircraft)


VERA II (VERA = VTOL Electric Reconfigurable Aircraft)
Lisbon, Portugal

Flexcraft (Flexible Aircraft) is a company which designs several types of VTOL aircraft with a variety of energy sources such as hybrid-electric to fuel cells. The company partners with mostly Portuguese based companies including Almadesign, the Technical University of Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico, the Institute of Mechanic Engineering and Industrial Management at the University of Porto, Simultaneous Engineering Technology S.A., Embraer Compósitos and with Embraer S.A.

The Flexcraft VTOL Electric Reconfigurable Aircraft (VERA) is a concept aircraft designed in 2019, for urban air mobility and cargo transportation. It is a clean sheet design with flexibility built into the aircraft from the very beginning of the design process allowing the aircraft to provide multiple missions with the use of detachable pods for each type of mission. 

This aircraft has a higher technology readiness level (TRL) than the company's previous designs. This new aircraft design with eight forward propellers and four vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) propellers was revealed in an article in May 2021. The company has now designed the Flexcraft RPV, the Flexcraft Utility Concept, the Flexcraft VERA and the Flexcraft VERA II.


  • Aircraft type: Hybrid-electric V/STOL aircraft with detachable wheeled road-ready passenger and cargo pods
  • Piloting: Piloted or remotely piloted
  • Passenger capacity: Unknown
  • Propellers: 8 forward propellers, 4 VTOL propellers
  • Motors: 12 motors
  • Energy source: Hybrid-electric
  • Pod types: Air taxi, cargo transport, search and rescue (SAR) and more
  • Passenger pod windows: Has large floor to ceiling windows for a spectacular views and a better flight experience
  • Wing: High wing design
  • Tail: Twin tail boom with inverted U tail
  • Landing gear: The wing can land with or without a pod. Each pod has its own landing gear. The aircraft can also land like a conventional airplane if desired.