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Flexcraft VERA

VERA (VTOL Electric Reconfigurable Aircraft)
Lisbon, Portugal

Flexcraft (Flexible Aircraft) is a company which designs several types of VTOL aircraft with a variety of energy sources such as hybrid-electric to fuel cells. The company partners with mostly Portuguese based companies including Almadesign, the Technical University of Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico, the Institute of Mechanic Engineering and Industrial Management at the University of Porto, Simultaneous Engineering Technology S.A., Embraer Compósitos and with Embraer S.A.

The Flexcraft VTOL Electric Reconfigurable Aircraft (VERA) is a concept aircraft designed in 2019, for urban air mobility and cargo transportation. It is a clean sheet design with flexibility built into the aircraft from the very beginning of the design process allowing the aircraft to provide multiple missions with the use of detachable pods for each type of mission. No graphics, at this time, have been provided for this aircraft.

This aircraft has a higher technology readiness level (TRL) than the company's previous designs and Flexcraft has stated it will reveal more about VERA in Jan. 2020. Flexcraft is also developing the Test Bench RPV and Utility Concept.