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Horus Hoverbike

Horus Hoverbike
Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

The Horus Hoverbike is a prototype gasoline powered two rotor flying motorcycle-like sports bike being developed for a single passenger.

The vehicle employs a single two 4 stroke 112 kW Yamaha Apex 4-Stroke / 998cc engine powering forward and rear 1.6 m rotors set 2.7 m apart and capable of 2,450 RPMs. The bike’s overall length is 4.5 m with a width of 1.9 m and a height of 1.2 m. It is designed for speeds of up to 50 km/h for 30 minutes of flight. It has an adjustable altitude (specifications are for 1 m). Six deflectors per vertical propeller control the roll, pitch, yaw and altitude. The hoverbike is auto-stabilized.

The Horus is intended as a light sport aircraft for recreation and racing. There is also potential for use as an emergency service vehicle and as a transport and carriage in rough environments.

First conceived in 2015 the Horus Hoverbike has been the project of 22 University of Sherbrooke students (13 members studying mechanical engineering and the others focused on electrical and computer engineering) since 2017. The team has the support of 34 corporate sponsors.

A scaled prototype has been built and in 2018 construction of a full sized model has begun.