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Innowings Aerospace (unnamed)

Innowings Aerospace Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

In 2018, Pathipan Sivarasa formed the company Innowings Aerospace Inc. with a multinational group of engineers and innovators from Australia, Botswana, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The company’s headquarters is located in Ottawa, Canada.

The company has created an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for the GoFly Prize contest. The aircraft is a one passenger wingless multicopter that consists of a single seat open cockpit and four sets of propellers.

Innowings Aerospace has completed the Phase I, Phase II and Phase III of the GoFly Prize challenge. Innowings has also designed a larger hoverbike called the PKOK — pronounced “peacock” — which has a motorcycle style seat and six overhead propellers, including a coaxial propeller located above the pilot.


  • Aircraft type: eVTOL
  • Capacity: 1 passenger
  • Power source: Batteries
  • Landing gear: Skid-type landing gear
  • Safety features: Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP), provides safety through redundancy for its passengers and/or cargo. DEP means having multiple propellers and motors on the aircraft so if one or more motors/propellers fail, the other working motors/propellers can safely land the aircraft.