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Pegasus Universal Aerospace Vertical Business Jet

Pegasus One Vertical Business Jet VBJ®
Pegasus Universal Aerospace
Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Pegasus Universal Aerospace was founded in 2012 by Dr. Reza Mia to make a small private jet with Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) capability. The conceptual design work for the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet began in 2013. Pegasus Universal Aerospace is primarily self-funded with an angel investor and is currently looking for new investment. Pegasus estimates as of July 2019, it needs $400 million to bring the aircraft to the market.

It's mission is to innovate the aerospace and transportation sector, both locally and globally, provide their client's with service and value that exceeds their expectations in terms of safety, comfort, style, speed and the ability fly from point-to-point in a jet, without the aid of runways. The jet will be able to land in a parking lot, heliport, yacht, on any surface including grass or gravel, and on a conventional runway. This eliminates the need for a car and/or helicopter to travel to and from an airport, reducing travel time for the passengers. Pegasus plans to compete with tradition private jets used for short to medium trips.

The Vertical Business Jet with VTOL mode has a range 2,124 km (1,320 miles) and using conventional runways, it has a range of 4,400 km (2,743 miles), and has a cruise speed of is 796 km/h (495 mph) at an altitude of 10,668 m (35,000 feet). Flight time is approximately three (3) hours flying time in VTOL mode and is capable of up to six and a half (6-1/2) hours flying time using conventional runways. It burns 309 liters (81.63 gallons) per hour amounting to a 60% savings of fuel compared to a standard jet. The jet will also have multiple innovations making the jet safe and easy to fly.

The VTOL portion of the flight will be much quieter than a helicopter due to the ducted fans using electric motors for vertical take-off and landing. The business jet is an all composite airframe with a cross section having a wider and higher space than other private jets of the same size, allowing passengers to move around easier. The flight experience will include expanded amenities relative to other business jet experiences, including high speed internet.

A one-eighth 1/8 sub-scale prototype has already undergone flight testing to validate the jet’s abilities to take off vertically and transition to horizontal flight. Nasrin Ebrahim, Chief Operations Officer of Pegasus Universal Aerospace, made a video of this test available on her LinkedIn page. The video may also be viewed on the company's website. A full-scale prototype is planning to be made in 2019 with flight testing sometime in 2020. Pegasus Universal Aerospace has already had patents granted with more patents pending. These include patents granted in the United States, the primary target of future sales for the Vertical Business Jet.

The marketing of the Vertical Business Jet includes companies/corporations, offshore transportation, resource development, charter, business executives, VIP’s, celebrities, owner-flyer, heads of state, politicians, anti-poaching, medical evacuation, surveillance, police and government operations.

Pegasus Universal Aerospace plans to compete with tradition jets used for short to medium trips and as of November 2020 their goal is receive certification and enter into service between 2025 and 2027. All graphics by Pegasus Universal Aerospace.


  • Passengers: 6 to 8
  • Range VTOL: 2,124 km (1,320 miles)
  • Range Using Conventional Runways: 4,400 km (2,743 miles)
  • Maximum Flight Time VTOL Mode: Approximately 3 hours
  • Maximum Flight Time Conventional Take-Off: Approximately 6-1/2 hours
  • Maximum Speed: 796 km/h (495 mph)
  • Maximum Altitude: 10,668 m (35,000 feet)
  • Engines: 2 GE Aviation CT7-8 turboshaft engines, 2,300 shp
  • Engines Managed by Multiple Redundant Computer Systems
  • Main Wings: Cranked dihedral wings
  • Tail: X-tail design
  • Weight: Under 5,700 kg (12,600 lb)
  • Landing Gear: Retractable