Aurora Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV)
Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company
Manassas, Virginia, USA

The Aurora Passenger Air Vehicle is an electric aircraft with eight propellers for vertical flight and a push-prop and wings for cruising. It will have both a length and wingspan of 8 m and be able to carry a load of 225 kg at a speed of 180 km/h. It is designed to fly autonomously although in its early stages it will be piloted.

The Aurora PAV is being designed to will operate from “hub-to-hub” between designated “vertiports” as an air taxi. It will carry two people (pilot included) as well as luggage.

Aurora’s aircraft is born out of a 2017 partnership with Uber as part of the Uber Elevate Mission. Initially, a 1/10 model was flown with and without a fuselage. This was followed by a fully configured 1/4 sized model.

On Jan. 22, 2019, a full-size prototype of this design (registration details for tail number N83AU here) was successfully flown at the Manassas Regional Airport in Manassas, Virginia, USA. The PAV prototype completed a controlled takeoff, hover and landing testing the vehicle’s autonomous functions as well as the ground control systems.

Latest Updates

Full-sized Aurora PAV, Jan. 2019
Aurora prototype in flight Jan. 22, 2019
Jan. 2019 graphic believed to be the current configuration for the Uber Elevate mission
Aurora 2-seat eVTOL
Aurora eVTOL concept aircraft, April 2017
Aurora eVTOL Vertiport
Aurora’s eVTOL at a vertiport, April 2017
Aurora eVTOL concept aircraft, April 2017
The quarter-scale model in flight, April 2017. (Aurora photo by Karen Dillon)
The quarter-scale model in flight, April 2017. (Aurora photo by Karen Dillon)
Aurora 5-seat eVTOL Air Taxis

On May 8, 2018, at the second Uber Elevate Summit, Aurora unveiled three design variants that are also being considered.

Conceptual design 1, May 2018.
Conceptual design 2, May 2018.
Conceptual design 3, May 2018.
Aurora 2017 eVTOL Characteristics
1/4-Scale Full-Scale
Fuselage length 6.6 ft 2 m 26.2 ft 8 m
Overall height not available not available not available not available
Wingspan 6.6 ft 2 m 26.2 ft 8 m
Tip-to-tip distance 6.6 ft 2 m 26.2 ft 8 m
Empty weight unknown 1,265 lb 575 kg
Max gross takeoff wt 27.6 lb 12.5 kg 1,760 lb 800 kg
Useful load unknown 495 lb 225 kg
Cruise speed 48.6 kt 90 km/h  97 kt 180 km/h
Lift Propulsors 8 propellers + 1 cruise 8 propellers + 1 cruise
Motor output 8x 100 hp 8x 75 kW unknown
Power type electric/batteries electric/batteries
Passenger capacity 0 2
First Flight April 2017 January 22, 2019



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